Friday October 20th

The past week was basically one of scrambling around in order to hide from the wind and rough conditions while still managing to keep the rods bent and spirits high. Basically, instead of plan A or B, we settled for plan G thru K. We still managed to hoist some nice fish over the boat gunnels as well as a fair amount of Shark action, but still not the bite that we are accustomed to this time of year. The wind speed did settle down today which made for a good day out on the water. For the 1rst time in nearly 2 weeks we were able to get to an area that usually has an abundance of Bull Reds and we were able to capitalize. The ocean was still rough, but manageable and we spent the morning catching a nice amount of Fish. While most were only in the 20lb range, they still offered  a great gladiator-like fight, and most showed a lot of top water acrobatic action. The weekend looks to be promising and hopefully we can pick up tomorrow where we left off from today. The early part of the coming week however has some rain and a strong wind field that could put a break on the action till mid or late week. Weather is beyond my control so while I don’t like it, I have come to accept it. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checking out my report. Check the latest fish pics on our Facebook page and give me a call if you wanna give it a go.

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