Hope You and Yours had a blessed Holiday weekend and at some point paused to give thanks to those and their families who have in the past, and whom are presently sacrificing so much for us to enjoy the lifestyle that we have grown accostumed to. Bless them all!  The last week of fishing, aka Sharking, can only be described with 2 words. Windy and relentless.  20-25mph every day for the last 6 days and thank goodness there are a few inshore spots that are sheltered somewhat. You do however have to get to those leeward honey holes, and mercy me, it ain’t pleasent. Relentless is how I describe the Shark bite since last Thursday. They were everywhere and you never had to wait more than a minute from the time you cast your bait into the water. While the action is truly non-stop, after the 4rth “DOZEN,” it gets a little “played out”. The next few days look like it could be the same. Strong winds will keep us from fishing a few nearshore sandbars and we may be repeating ourselves all over again. Out fishn the next few days and I will have a midweek report by Wed. eve.

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