MIGHTY MAKO Report For April 20th

Only had a couple of trips this past week and we managed to round up 6 nice Bull Reds on one trip with all of the fish going over 20lbs or better. The other trip we searched everywhere for a bite before settling in to catch a few Sharks. From one extreme to the next. The PGA circus was in town and since the weather and moon phase were not to my liking, I decided to pull the boat out of the water and take a few days off and enjoy some golf and catching up with old friends. Had a lot of fun, but it might be a few days before I make a full recovery. Glad the tournament comes but once a year. Congratulations to Jim Furyk and his caddie Fluff on their win.  It also might be a few days before the fish make a recovery from all the freshwater run-off and extreme full moon tides we experienced this weekend. By midweek, things should be somewhat normal and the bite may improve with warming water temps and more bait fish in our area. Keep hope alive and your fingers crossed and I will have this coming weeks fishing recap for you by next weekend. Have a Blessed day!

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