Monday August 17th

After dodging thunderstorms the past couple of days, today I decided to stay dry and indoors. I choose wisely. Lots of rain today and the remaining week looks iffy at best. I had some very young Jr.Anglers on the boat this weekend so we kept to the backwater and wore them out with ultra-lite action on Croakers,Whiting and small Sharks. We did keep a couple of larger rods out the back and caught several Sharks in excess of 40lbs.  Beautiful scenery, calm water and plenty of action was the ticket. I have a few trips scheduled over the coming days, but seeing how I don’t fish in the rain, it remains to be seen weather or not we leave the dock. Oh well, out of my control. With as much rain predicted over the coming week, it could prove tough fishing into next week. Lots of fresh water from runoff could negatively affect the inshore and near shore bite. I will try to remain optimistic and keep it real.  The bait fish have been really scarce and spread out over a wide area so the bite that has been inconsistent for the past week or so could get even worse. Thank God for the local Shrimpers who always seem to have some big Sharks lurking just behind their nets. It proved a very effective strategy for myself and others over the past couple of weeks, and we may continue that method of fishing if need be.  There it is!  It is what it is!

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