Saturday April 23rd

This past week offered beautiful weather and calm seas in which to go to work on. And work it was. We spent a couple of days in the backwaters with some young anglers and we did pretty good with plenty of small Sharks, a few blues and even a couple of small Reds. Lots of action on some very light spin tackle. Steady action and lots of smiles. I just wish I had stayed backwater the entire week, instead of going off the beach in pursuit of Bull Reds that just were not around. Never saw any baitfish, nor any birds or any sign of life that would indicate the presence of these fish. We fished several spots that often hold these fish but never took a shot. Nor did most of the guides on the water this week which made me feel a bit better about the situation. It sucks to watch and hear about other boats pulling in fish while you and your clients get doughnuts and make excuses. At least I wasn’t alone in my non-catching misery. But on a more positive note, the weather forecast looks awesome for the coming week. Calm winds and warm air temps for the entire week ahead are just what we need in order to kick start the fishing back up. And with warming water temps, I’m thinking the fishing should just start to improve with each warm weather day that goes by. Cautiously optimistic and ready for fishing redemption. I’ll let you know how it works out next week.

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