Saturday April 6th

While dodging thunderstorms last week, we managed to catch a few brakes in the weather and catch a few nice fish. Some great fights on Redfish and Black Drum were on tap and we were victorious in most cases. When you take a knife to a gunfight, you don’t always come out on top. This a reference to the very light tackle we use. On Friday I fished the intercoastal water way and while I did get the 1st Shark of the season, everything else was very slow going. Maybe with the warmer weather ahead, our water temps will increase a few more degrees which could start to turn things on. The weekend is off to a rainy, yet warm start, and by early in the week, the sun will be out and the winds will be light. Hopefully, area anglersĀ  get a bite. Thanks for checking us out and have a Blessed week

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