Saturday May 28th

This past week was all about Sharks. Everywhere and almost anywhere. I made sure to clarify with all of my charter parties that they would be staying very busy with Sharks and if you weren’t down with that, you might want to skip fishing inshore or nearshore, or go well offshore to where the Cobia and some bottom fish are being caught. While we did catch a couple of Reds, the ratio was roughly a 100 to 1 in the teeth’s favor. Lots of Whiting, Croakers and Blues caught on the ultra-lites in order to have fresh bait. The baitfish are near impossible to find lately, but there is always a way to manipulate the marine food chain. There is a named tropical storm just off the island today and while this weekend looks to be a washout, at least their is some fun surf to be had. While its great to have a few waves to play on, the near future fishing forecast could be negatively affected by the rough water as well as fresh water runoff. Its been a one dimensional fishing environment the last couple of weeks and we don’t need any more setbacks to slow down the arrival of some other gamefish into our inshore and nearshore waters. Time will tell. Hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday weekend. Keep in mind the sacrifices of the few, so that we as many can be enjoying ourselves over this weekend and for many weekends to come.

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