September 10

OMG! It hasn’t rained in nearly 36 hours. Thats a record for the past 3 weeks. I hate fishing in the rain, and I normally avoid it, but I have been doing it everyday for sometime now and if the customer doesn’t mind taking a chance, or staying out in the showers, Im willing to give it a go. After this past holiday weekend, I may rethink that option. Stayed inshore the last week and saw plenty of action almost every trip .The bite did kind of cool off by Labor Day, but with millions of gallons of fresh water flowing into the fishing areas, it was bound to hinder the bite. ¬†Plenty of Sharks,(Black tips, Shovel and Hammer Heads, and a few others). Lots of small incidental activity on the ultra-lites such as Craoker,Whiting,Bar Jacks,Blues and others. Today I went offshore in hopes of clean water and only managed a few Lemon Sharks and a 100lb Blacktip doing a triple gainer with 2 twists thrown in for degree of difficultly marks. We did catch a nice 30lb Bull Red on the 1st line in yesterday. The fish reminded me of what is to come, hopefully, by the end of the month. Certainly by early October. Until then, I hope the rain stays away and allows the area waters to get back to normal. May fish the Marshes for small Reds and Trout over the coming weekend and will share the results early next week. ¬† Tight Lines !!

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