Sunday July 16th

Lots of Large 100lb plus size Sharks are what we have been targeting over the last couple of weeks and the success is at an all-time high,,, as long as the Shrimp trawlers are out working.  Some great top water action on Blacktips, Spinners, and even a few Bulls. If the Shrimpers are taking the day off, we are fishing some inshore sandbars for the same species along with a few others and the size is cut down by about 2/3rds. Still better than a poke in the eye. We did do a couple of trips where the majority of our fishing was casting for Spanish Mackerel. It was pretty successful with each trip catching nearly a dozen or more, and it was just fun to see that many schools of fish in our nearshore area waters. It reminded me of how predominant the Mackerel fishing used to be, and just how much fun we had back in the day say 10-15 years ago . That bite has slowed, but it was nice while it lasted. I haven’t seen any large schools of Jacks, by I’m confident they will be showing up by the end of the month and certainly by August. I haven’t seen or heard of any Tarpon on the south end of the island and will let you know if I do. Not holding my breath, but never say never. There You have it. Tight Lines to all!  Please remember to try and take a kid Fishn !!

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