Sunday October 18th

This past week saw a lot of action as well as a couple of let downs. Winds during the afternoons  kept us from fishing some of the better Bull Reds areas. We pretty much stunk the joint up on a couple of those outings. Mornings however kept us busy with a wide variety of Sharks and of course Redfish. Despite the wind, we were able to track fish down and caught loads over the back half of the week. It was beautiful, sunny and hot all week. That has all changed over the weekend. Very windy and temps have dropped 20 degrees. My Mom was visiting this weekend so I didn’t fish anyway, but I’m inclined to take a couple of more days off so that the air temps can warm back up and the wind can hopefully lay down some. By mid week, conditions look ideal. Espeacially for the Reds. With water temps backing down into the 60’s, we might have seen the last of the Sharks. Bittersweet.   Next report-next weekend.  l

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