Sunday Sept 24th

No fishing this past week. It wasn’t due to a named storm like the week of Irma or Jose. It was due to the sinus infection I got from surfing during those storm events. I’m just about finished with the last of the antibiotics I was prescribed, and should be up and about in another day or so. As luck would have it, Hurricane Maria is just south and offshore of us and will most likely stir up the water with pounding surf and muddy water. Its been a tough month for fishing and it looks like to be tough over the next few days. The weather forecast for the week shows very warm temps into the 90’s, which doesn’t help bring our water temps down to the ideal Fall temps that we need in order to load up on Bull Reds. Several of my buddies were out this past week and one of them scored a number of big Reds while several trips yielded only Sharks. However, most of the Sharks were big Blacktips over 100lbs which is better than a poke in the eye. Hopefully I will be back in the water tomorrow catching a few waves and by mid week, on the water catching some fun sized Sharks as well as some fun sized Redfish.  Hope You and Yours have a great week and that you experience some tight lines and strong rod bending action.

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