Thursday Sept. 7th

It seems like just a year ago I was giving the latest fishing report, and I was excited about the arrival of Bull Reds and the nice ones we had caught that week. Then hurricane Mathew showed up and put a stop to the rest of the season. While we didn’t fish for Bull Reds this past week, the top water action for Blacktip and Spinner Sharks has been off the hook. Just really fun and action packed. I swear its the next best thing to Tarpon fishing there is. Especially on the tackle we use. But now we have hurricane Irma knocking at our door, and its anybody’s guess as to her path, and the amount of destruction she leaves behind.  Mathew changed my “fishing” life and others, and he didn’t have anywhere near the force that Irma is packing. Oh well, time to secure the Mako as best I can and hope for the best.  I will be wishing the very best outcome for all my family and friends who have been affected by the storm, and those that may be in the coming days. Hopefully a week from now we can pickup where we left off, and also be looking ahead to the Fall season with high expectations.  Fingers crossed !!

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