Tuesday October 31st

Happy Halloween!  Last week was pretty good with most trips yielding plenty of Sharks and 4-8 Bull Reds which exceeded 20lbs or better nearly every trip. The past weekend slowed down a lot and we basically stunk the waters up. Oh well, time to move on. The Sharks should disappear off the radar with the colder water temps arriving and I hope that the Bull Redfish numbers increase to what we normally experience. We have had a couple of days that are reminiscent of what the fishing should be this time of the year, but has yet to be consistent as far as quantity.  Only a couple trips in the double didgets.  We haven’t seen the Mullet, aka food source, in any good numbers, and with water temps being above average for the past month, that could explain things being somewhat off compared to Octobers of years past. Maybe November, is the new October. Oh well, time to go hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

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