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Sunday August 12th

Took the day off after a busy and really entertaining week of fishing. (or should I say Sharking) The shrimp Trawlers that have been absent most of the Summer due to a lack of shrimp, were out in full force last week and we took advantage of the presence. Lots of fun top water action on Blacktips as well as a few monster Bull Sharks. 1 Broken reel, 2 snapped rods, countless sore muscles and lots of entertaining moments later, I can say that it was truly one of the best weeks of the Summer as far as action goes. We are experiencing some very extreme tides over the next several days and that may negatively affect things, but we will just have to see. By mid week, the tides start to come back to normal and we will hopefully not miss a beat and pick up where we left off. We also hope to see a few Jacks like we did the week before as well as some Mackerel and others during the early morning high tides the first part of this coming week. Wind will be light , temps warm, and hopefully the action even hotter.  Have a great week everyone!

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