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December 18th

The few weeks since Thanksgiving was fairly active with plenty of small Sharks and bull Reds. The Sharks however have thankfully headed south following the warmer water as our area waters have finally cooled off a bit. In my nearly 3 decades of fishing, I have never caught Sharks into late November, much less December. It was the Summer that never would end and gave us historic warm water temps. The bull Reds are starting to move offshore now, and the last couple of trips to the river mouths and inshore sandbars have only provided a few fish each trip. It might be time to focus more on the smaller Redfish and Trout that are in the backwaters and marsh. Oh well, Summer has finally come to an end and water temps are back to normal for this time of year. Hope You and Yours have a Blessed and Merry Christmas, and that everyone has a safe and healthy coming new year. Hold your Family and Friends close and maybe if possible, “take a kid fishing.”

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