August 28th

This past week brought lots of windy conditions that made it nearly impossible to fish, much less catch any. Since Wednesday, the winds have been blowing and while I could have been on the water making money and torturing my clients, I opted to play some golf and get a few surf sessions in. Not a profitable week, but at least I didn’t jerk anyone around by taking their money, going thru the motions and showing my clients a miserable fishing experience. It may not improve, if at all, till mid week, and even then, the water may still be somewhat murky and not ideal for much action. There are some things that we cant control, and the weather is one of em. Anyway, we will see what happens over the next few days and hope that the winds calm down and that the water cleans up and etc,etc, and that we can get back to where we left off which was putting large Sharks in the air and wearing anglers out. Time will tell. Keep hope alive!

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