June 3rd

This past week offered plenty of Shark action as well as one day of some fun light tackle nearshore action for Spanish Mackerel.  The windy conditions and threat of weather kept us close to the beach, but there was a variety of Sharks to choose from such as Lemons,Blacktips,and Shovelheads. We fished in the wake of some nearby shrimp trawlers, and while we didn’t exceed the 100lb mark, we did manage to get a few nice ones. We live baited for Jacks and Mackerel one day and caught a handful while using very light gear on top water rigs. Lots of fun. This coming week looks to offer more of the same as long as the weather cooperates. The docks at Palmetto Bay are still uninhabitable from the hurricane this past Fall, so it appears that I will be fishing out of Shelter Cove marina at least thru the end of Summer. The  marina is conveniently located in the center of the island and has all the amenities one could hope for.   Will have an update by next weekend.  Tight Lines!

May 26

The past 4 days have been filled with much rainfall, high winds and exaggerated tides. It was a good time to just stay parked at the dock. The prior 4 days though saw a couple of fishing moments reminiscent of decades past. On two occasions we came upon a scene right out of the Hitchcock movie, “The Birds”.  There was plenty of ultra-lite casting action to be had for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish unlike I’ve seen in some time. Years ago, we used to see that kind of scene more often than not, so it was cool to have such conditions on back to back days. The rest of the time was spent playing with Sharks. Other than a couple of small Blacktips, it was entirely about the Reef Sharks and nothing else. I’m thinking that with the improving tides and weather, we will venture to some areas that might offer more variety, a better challenge and larger reward. I guess that will depend on my clients needs and expectations. Anyway that’s the report and the next one will be around the 1st of June. Have a Blessed holiday weekend and please take a few moments to pause and appreciate the sacrifices that our service men and women, as well as their families have made over the years.

Monday May 15

The glass was half full. That’s how my client described their trip a couple of days ago and that pretty much sums up this past week of fishing. Or should I say Sharking. We stayed fairly busy bending poles, but nearly every Shark was identical to the one before that and the one before that,etc.,etc, you get the point. Weather did not allow me to try a couple of other spots, but from what I was told, it was mostly the same everywhere I usually fish. Hopefully we will see some variety in Shark species soon. I caught several nice Blacktips the week before as well as couple of Bull Reds approaching the 30lb range. Oh well,, it is what it is. With a little luck, next weeks report might be that our glass was filled to the brim and running over.

Sunday April 30th

Sharks are us. Yes, its time again to embrace the inevitable. With water temps into the lower 70’s,  the Sharks have shown up in our area waters and they will be here to stay over the coming Summer. Lots of Reefs, Bonnet heads, and a few sizeable Blacktips gave my clients some fun fights this past week.  The larger triple digit ones will be arriving very soon. Sometimes they get in the way, but its nice to see them arriving because it means that other species should be showing up soon. Jacks, Spanish, Blues and other light tackle species are on the way, and until then, Sharks on light tackle can be sort of fun and rewarding. The Bull Reds that we are accustomed to seeing during the last month or two never really showed up, and I only caught a couple of them this month which was very disappointing. Up until this past week, this April was one of the worst I can remember for action and activity. Oh well, water under the bridge. Onward-Forward.  The moon and tides are lined up pretty good for this coming week. However, the weather looks a bit suspect, so we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully there might be a few Reds to snag before high water temps send them offshore, but at least there looks to be plenty of rod bending Shark action to occupy our time. If I’m able to get out this week, I will have an update by next weekend.  Tight Lines !

Monday April 24th

The first week of the season is in the books and while there were a couple of fun and activity filled trips, there were several slow ones that didn’t yield much action at all. With water temps climbing into the seventies, I would of thought we would have seen plenty of baitfish and experienced some more variety, but other than some small sand and bonnethead Sharks, the bite was pretty slow for the most part. Even Whiteing, StingRays, and small miscellaneous fish which we usually catch one after another were far and few between.  I was pleasantly surprised that we caught several nice Blacktips that were over the 60lb mark as well as a couple of sizeable Bull Reds this weekend, but even that didn’t make up for the overall bite that we endured the first 8 days into the season. Thankfully, it most assuredly gets better and better with each week that comes and goes. I expect there will be plenty of bait moving into our area waters this week, and more bait brings more bigger and better species to target.  There you have it. It is what it is. Hopefully my next report is filled with nothing but awesome fishing stories and exploits.  One way or the other, it will be honest.   Tight Lines !

Tuesday April 3rd

Its been almost 6months to the day since last time we left the dock in search of fish. Was not expecting to be out of the water this long, but mother nature is unpredictable. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get some fishing in and I was all set to start the 1st of this month, until fishing reports from several of my peers caused me to rethink the seasons starting date. Whether it be wind events, moon or tide issues, or low water temps, the inshore and nearshore bite has been practically non existent. Very few Redfish, small Sharks, and even miscellaneous stuff to bend a lite rod have been caught as of today, so I have decide to wait until Easter weekend before kicking off the fishing season. My apologies to my clients and folks who have inquired about fishing the past few weeks. Its not that I don’t wanna give it a go, its just that I want to have an optimistic outlook when  we finally do wet a line.  Anyway,, we will hope for the best and have a complete fishing update toward the end of the month.

Tuesday October 18

The past week was spent cleaning out our house and yard as well as lending a hand to our neighbors and friends whom hurricane Mathew did a number on. While the island community has come together to help those severely affected by the storm, there is still so much to do and many people will be permanently affected in many ways. The docks at Palmetto Bay Marina which had been my home away from home for more than 2 decades no longer exist, and the future is uncertain. Harbor Masters Jason Wheeler and Nate Jones of Shelter Cove and Broad Creek Marina have been so kind and gracious over the past couple of weeks and have helped many boaters and fisherman find safe harbor and slips before and after the storm. I cant thank them enough, and they are indicative of the types of folks that you want to be associated with and call your friend. I’m very blessed that our house was spared and that damage to our yard and vehicles was minimal. Others weren’t so fortunate. The boat is in the water and I will be fishing for another couple of weeks but will most likely end the season after the Bull Reds leave which is usually around early November. Feel free to give me a call and I will give you the latest fishing update. If I’m not fishing, I will be happy to refer you to one of several great guides whom I have much respect for and who are good company to wet a line with. As far as the 2017 season goes, only time will tell.

October 18th

Haven’t fished in the last couple of weeks due to the fact that my marina essentially doesn’t exist any more. The docks that have been my 2nd home for the last couple of decades succumbed to hurricane Mathews wrath, and most of my time has been spent working in my yard, my neighbors yards and on a nearby private island helping with recovery and clean up. I am temporarily at Broad Creek marina and will be docked there for the remainder of the season. I’m sure the Bull Reds will continue to co-operate well into November and after wards, the focus will be on the backwaters for Trout, Smaller Reds and Flounder. Many Thanks to Shelter Cove Harbor Master Jason Wheeler for keeping my boat safe and afloat during the storm, as well as Broad Creek Harbor Master Nate Jones, for saving a space at his marina for my boats winter storage. I’m forever grateful. Don’t know what the future holds as far as plans for next years fishing season and beyond, but I will keep ya’ll posted.

Tuesday October 4th

I hope this doesn’t become the last report for the season, but with a category 4 heading this way, you never know. If it is, I will say we had a pretty good trip to end the season. Despite small craft advisory, we were able to find some calm water and catch some nice Bull Reds as well as a few Sharks. Even though its October, our water temps are still in the 80’s and the Sharks aint in a hurry to vacate the area. In all my years, I have never seen water temps near this warm. While we normally are red fishing exclusively by now, it has been 50/50 between the Sharks and Reds. We should see an increase in the Redfish bite with a decrease in water temps over the coming weeks. The Shrimp trawlers are still hard at work and if Big Sharks are your thing, then that bite will remain good for a while longer. I haven’t fished the ultra-lite backwater tackle for Trout and Reds yet, but come November, I will most likely fish the backwater exclusively. Wont be on the water for a few days, but with a little luck, we will be wetting lines the 1rst of next week. Anyway, the weather is out of our hands and we will hope for the best. Stay safe everyone.

Saturday Sept. 17th

The week got off to a great start with plenty of surface action. The early part of the week saw plenty of Blacktips, Spinner and Lemon Sharks eating and skying our top water baits. Even when we were out of range of the shrimp trawlers, there were such an abundance of bait that it was a sure thing when our baits hit the water. For two days, the area where we fished was just teaming with life, and was certainly not an area that you would want to take a quick dip in order to cool off. We didn’t break away to go look for Bull Reds, but with our water temps slowly moving down towards the upper 70’s, and a huge influx of large Mullet seemingly everywhere, it wont be long. By midweek, weather history was made with the 1rst named tropical storm to ever form over land. Kind of cool, except if your trying to fish. The seas calmed down somewhat yesterday, but we decided it was better to error on the side of caution and just stay tied to the dock. I managed to catch a few waves and hit the golf ball around the last couple of days. I don’t have a single trip scheduled for next week so give me a call so that I can support my lovely wife and her cats in a manner that they are accustomed to. Have a nice day!