August 25th

I know its been a few weeks since my last report, so here is a brief summery. Lots of Rain. When not raining, lots of heat. Lots of Big Bull Sharks that make you think twice before going for a sunset surf or swim. A staggering amount of Big Blacktips that do their very best Tarpon impersonation. Some very extreme tides and a very lame lunar eclipse event. Several days of horrible fishing that coincided with some extreme tide and moon events.  That about covers it. The Spanish Mackerel bite that was so good for most of the summer just seemed to fizzle out the last few weeks, and the Jacks that we usually see come early August, just never really showed up in any good numbers. Looks like Sharking will be the game being played for the next several weeks until water temps go down and we start the Running of the Bulls. Bull Reds that is. Water temps play a big part and usually by late September, we start to see them in good numbers. By October,, forget about it. Game on!  Anyway, with summer winding down and most schools back in session, I will have time and energy to get back to the report and forecast.     After being personally affected in many ways by last years hurricane Mathew, My thoughts and best wishes are with the coastal inhabitants along the Texas coast. Hopefully everyone stays safe.  Have a Blessed weekend and will update things by next weekend

Saturday Aug 6

Just another week of fishing in a big muddy puddle filled with Sharks. On top of that, the weather has pretty much soaked us down every day at some point. I’m over all the rain. Even my yard and foliage have had enough. But wait,, here comes some more by early week. I honestly can say that I cant remember a wetter summer than this. And yes, it can adversely affect the fishing due to fresh water run off. The Shrimpers aren’t out because of the lack of shrimp, and in turn, its hard to locate the larger Sharks that we hook up behind the trawlers. While we have caught a fair amount of Sharks this past week, most are less than 40lbs and with many being half that size. The Mackerel bite that we enjoyed has also dwindled, even though we haven’t been able to get off the beach due to stormy conditions, I’ve heard the larger boats have been striking out. I’m hopeful to see some more Mackerel in our nearshore areas as well as some Jacks that normally show up in our waters at about this time every Summer. This remains to be seen. Until then, looks like Sharking will be the mainstay, and it beats not catching anything at all. Now if only it will stop raining.  Oh well, time will tell.

Sunday July 30th

I apologize for the lack of a fishing report the week before. Fishing was very good for Mackerel and Big Sharks. Now for this past weeks report. Fishing was very wet. Canceled more trips than I fished. I don’t like fishing in the rain. Never have, never will. We did however fish due to numerous rain squalls that would spring up randomly. We managed a couple of good trips behind the Shrimp trawler that yielded a couple of Bull Sharks in the 200lb range as well as many Blacktips in the 60-80lb range that did their very best Tarpon impersonation during battle.  We fished the nearshore sheltered sandbars when the weather made it the only viable option and caught a few Lemon,Fine tooth and Bonnethead Sharks that were on average 15-30lbs.  Didn’t try for any Mackerel, but the bite for them had slowed and ocean conditions didn’t really allow us to venture very far. This coming week calls for more sunshine, so probably more fishing and more Sharks as well as a Mackerel or several if conditions favor.  Hopefully by late week, and with early morning tides, we will start to see more schools of Jacks arriving in the area. Seems like they always arrive the first or second week of August. Anyway, will let ya’ll know by next weekends fishing report.

Sunday July 16th

Lots of Large 100lb plus size Sharks are what we have been targeting over the last couple of weeks and the success is at an all-time high,,, as long as the Shrimp trawlers are out working.  Some great top water action on Blacktips, Spinners, and even a few Bulls. If the Shrimpers are taking the day off, we are fishing some inshore sandbars for the same species along with a few others and the size is cut down by about 2/3rds. Still better than a poke in the eye. We did do a couple of trips where the majority of our fishing was casting for Spanish Mackerel. It was pretty successful with each trip catching nearly a dozen or more, and it was just fun to see that many schools of fish in our nearshore area waters. It reminded me of how predominant the Mackerel fishing used to be, and just how much fun we had back in the day say 10-15 years ago . That bite has slowed, but it was nice while it lasted. I haven’t seen any large schools of Jacks, by I’m confident they will be showing up by the end of the month and certainly by August. I haven’t seen or heard of any Tarpon on the south end of the island and will let you know if I do. Not holding my breath, but never say never. There You have it. Tight Lines to all!  Please remember to try and take a kid Fishn !!

Saturday July 1st

Enjoying the day off. Gotta love sleeping in from time to time. The last few days showed some signs of normalcy, after a really tough week of wind, extreme tides and very ugly water caused by not only the moon phase but lots of freshwater runoff. Bait fish, which for all intensive purposes is the food that our targeted species eat, has been extremely scarce the past week and we were having to run a couple of miles off our beaches to find it. They are x-tra large bait though, and we have been able to put them to good use the past few days. Big Blacktips and Spinner Sharks showed back up behind the shrimp trawlers doing their best Tarpon impersonation, and we even caught some nice Lemon and Dusky Sharks while sitting in between the sandbars just off the beach. Caught a 30lb Red as well, but pretty much a ‘fluke” this time of year. Weather looks a bit sketchy for the week , but if the rain holds out, I’m optimistic we should remain busy bending the rods and battling some beasts. Hope All have a blessed 4th of July and that everyone takes a moment to think about the men and women and their families whom sacrifice and give of themselves so that we can enjoy this wonderful life and great fishing in this awesome country.

saturday june 24

Suckage. Fubar. Heinous. These are just a couple of words that I would use to describe last weeks fishing miss-adventures.  Lets start with the winds. 15kts or better every damn day with few areas to hide from it. While the offshore boats had to go to plan B,C,D,etc, the boats that stay near to shore and inside had the same problem of where to fish while staying comfortable, while also trying to produce some action. The other contributing factor was the huge king tides we experienced throughout the week. While these 10ft tides make for beautiful water front scenery, they are best viewed from a waterside restaurant or watering hole, as opposed to from a fishing boat that is trying to scare up some action. Combine the two events and you are left with muddy colored water and an absence of baitfish that makes a fishing guides job woefully miserable and next to impossible. I had a couple of very young jr.anglers on the boat that were happy to catch some miscellaneous junk fish during their trips, but other disappointed, yet understanding clients on other outings. It just Sucked!!  Now for the good news. It cant get any worse, and there is only room for improvement. The new moon is waning and the tides will be getting back in check which will help our cause immensely. The winds may lighten up as well and hopefully we can get back into the pattern we are accustomed to. I am optimistic we will get back on by early next week and that if the wind field stays light, we will be staying busy. I sure hope so cause I cant take another week of this crap.  One thing is almost certain,, next weeks report should be more positive and inspiring.  No Guarantees.  Keep Hope Alive !

June 18th

Happy Fathers Day!  It was a really good week, starting with the fact that I had great people and Families keeping me company. It didn’t hurt that the Fishing was fun and consistent.  The Shrimp trawlers just off our beaches provided us with numerous Shark hook-ups approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. Half a of them demonstrated their aerial leaping skills as well as their ability to burn hundred’s of  line off the spool in a matter of seconds. We also had a few inshore trips with jr. anglers who managed some score some smaller Sharks in the backwaters as well as some miscellaneous fish such as Blues, Ladyfish, etc. I didn’t visit the nearshore reefs this week due to the lackluster Mackerel bite I experienced late last week. I opted to go for the ‘almost’ sure action instead. Didn’t see and schools of Jacks either, but with most days being somewhat breezy, and the water surface being textured, I wasn’t surprised. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m most likely to be doing more of the same over the next few days. Have a Blessed week and remember to take a kid fishing!

Monday June 12th

Took the day off. It was awesome! The previous 6 days were a mixed bag of small fish a some very large ones. Went to a nearshore reef a couple of times and had a great bite on some Spanish Mackerel while seeing a few King Mackerel that didn’t take our bait. Went back the following day only to greeted by a dead sea with little or no signs of life. Lots of Shark fishing as well with a couple of trips providing us with non-stop action on Blacktips and Spinners approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. When those Shrimp boats are working our waters, the action is almost guaranteed. Yesterday was terrible with windy conditions and murky water that only allowed us to catch a handful of small Sharks in the 20lb range. I heard that conditions improved today and that there were several Kings caught as well as some fun sized Sharks. Looking ahead the next few days, I’m optimistic for some good action and quality. I’m pretty much booked up and will have this weeks report sometime this weekend. Many of us in the local fishing community lost a wonderful soul this week. Kit Wannamaker, who with her husband Frank, embodied the true spirit of fishing, passed away. She believed in strict conservation, and always shared with others her keen observations of ones surroundings and how it related to the health of our fisheries here in the low country. I would run into her and Frank on the docks at Palmetto Bay every Spring when they returned home from wintering in the Keys, and while they shared stories of world-class fishing, they were always happy to get back home to what can only be described in comparison as our little mud hole. But it is our little mud hole and she was the queen of it and will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

June 3rd

This past week offered plenty of Shark action as well as one day of some fun light tackle nearshore action for Spanish Mackerel.  The windy conditions and threat of weather kept us close to the beach, but there was a variety of Sharks to choose from such as Lemons,Blacktips,and Shovelheads. We fished in the wake of some nearby shrimp trawlers, and while we didn’t exceed the 100lb mark, we did manage to get a few nice ones. We live baited for Jacks and Mackerel one day and caught a handful while using very light gear on top water rigs. Lots of fun. This coming week looks to offer more of the same as long as the weather cooperates. The docks at Palmetto Bay are still uninhabitable from the hurricane this past Fall, so it appears that I will be fishing out of Shelter Cove marina at least thru the end of Summer. The  marina is conveniently located in the center of the island and has all the amenities one could hope for.   Will have an update by next weekend.  Tight Lines!

May 26

The past 4 days have been filled with much rainfall, high winds and exaggerated tides. It was a good time to just stay parked at the dock. The prior 4 days though saw a couple of fishing moments reminiscent of decades past. On two occasions we came upon a scene right out of the Hitchcock movie, “The Birds”.  There was plenty of ultra-lite casting action to be had for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish unlike I’ve seen in some time. Years ago, we used to see that kind of scene more often than not, so it was cool to have such conditions on back to back days. The rest of the time was spent playing with Sharks. Other than a couple of small Blacktips, it was entirely about the Reef Sharks and nothing else. I’m thinking that with the improving tides and weather, we will venture to some areas that might offer more variety, a better challenge and larger reward. I guess that will depend on my clients needs and expectations. Anyway that’s the report and the next one will be around the 1st of June. Have a Blessed holiday weekend and please take a few moments to pause and appreciate the sacrifices that our service men and women, as well as their families have made over the years.