Saturday June 30th

The past week or better has been pretty much a slam dunk when it comes to steady action. And while it is mostly about Sharks, its still about non-stop action. With pond like ocean conditions, we have spent the majority of our time just off the beach enjoying top water action for Blacktips that can burn up a spinning reel and often do their best Tarpon impersonation. We also caught several Hammerheads that were no slouches either, and a number of nice sized Lemons and Bull Sharks. We tried fishing for King Mackerel one day, but had to settle for a few Spanish Mackerel instead.  The coming week will most likely be about Sharks as well and if the Shrimp boats happen to be out working the waters, then the size of our targets are gonna increase immensely. Maybe a Tarpon will cross our path as well as a school of Jacks. Its the ocean, and you just never know what’s gonna show up

Sunday June 17th

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there and I hope that a few Sons and Daughters took their Fathers to wet a line somewhere today. I wet a line today and caught a dozen fun jumping Blacktips ranging from 15-50lbs. Actually, that’s been are M.O for the last couple of days and we have even managed some fun Shovelhead and Hammerhead Sharks as well. We fished for King and Spanish Mackerel midweek to no avail. I was definitely a day late and a $ short. The Bull Reds have moved to places unknown, and other species just haven’t gotten to our area yet. Maybe the Kings and Spanish will regroup over the next few days, but what I really look forward to is that the Shrimp Trawlers begin their season, so that we can enlarge the size of these Blacktips that are keeping us busy and add a few additional species to the mix such as Lemons and Bulls.  That should take place within a week or two. Maybe some schools of Jacks and a early arriving Tarpon could cross our path this week. Stay tuned to next weekends report and find out.  Have yourself a Blessed  day !

Sunday June 10th

Cant believe it. The sun is out and not a cloud in the sky. The rain started 3 days ago and hasn’t let up until early this morning. How long it will stay dry and how all the freshwater intrusion will affect the fishing in the days to come is anybody’s guess. Prior to the rain event, the Shark fishing was really heating up. Plenty of top water action on the high spirited and high jumping Blacktips as well as a few Spanish Mackerel for the first time this season.   Most of our fishing was done a couple of miles off the beach. This coming week will hopefully provide more of the same action and maybe some inshore activity such as Mackerel and Blues. The Bull Reds are gonna be far and further between I think, but one can never give up hope. Shrimp season doesn’t start for another couple of weeks, but when it does, the monsters of the deep will come out and play. There you have it. Lets go wet a line.

May 31

Got Sharks? Want some? I ask because there are plenty to go around and just not much else. Catching a couple of Bull Reds for every 100 Sharks does not constitute a diverse fishery. The Mackerel are still well offshore and other species including Ladyfish, Jacks, Blues and Tarpon have yet to arrive. Also, the larger Sharks, the 100lb plus variety haven’t shown up either. As soon as  Shrimp season begins, they will be thick as thieves, but until then,,. I guess its all about Sharks and the occasional Redfish or maybe even a wayward inshore Cobia. At least we can continue bending the lite-tackle rods and accepting what mother nature gives us. For now.

Thursday May 10th

The last week or so has been good in some ways and bad in others. Good in that the baitfish have started to show up in good numbers and that the action has increased with a better variety and quality size fish. Unfortunately, the variety and quality consist 0f different Sharks and little else. Lemons, Bulls, Blacktips and others have forced the remaining Bull Reds out of the picture and we are forced to wait for some nearshore Cobia to appear. Mackerel, Blues, Ladyfish etc. will hopefully be showing in our are nearshore waters and give us some fun ultra-lite action by the Memorial weekend. We will see. Anyway, winter has officially ended and with water temps heating up everyday, the fishing is just gonna get better. Tight Lines and stay optimistic.

Sunday April 29th

Kind of a slow week but an uplifting one as well. We only fished a couple of times and the activity got better with each passing day. With calmer winds prevailing and water temps inching upward, we were able net plenty of bait and were rewarded with plenty of action by weeks end. A good variety of Sharks ranging from 2-4ft as well as a couple of nice Redfish that were 25lbs or more. The baitfish which is the main food source of all the fish we will be targeting for the next 4-5months seems to be here to stay. Due to the moon phase, the tides will be somewhat extreme for the next several days, but by midweek and with a warm weather forecast ahead, the fishing should continue to get better with more variety and consistency. While its been the longest Winter I ever experienced, I believe its finally come to an end. Can I get an “Amen”?

Monday April 23rd

All hope is not lost after all. While the record low water temps and daily gusty winds have limited everyone’s fishing capabilities this entire month, we have managed to produce some tasty lemonade this past week from the lemons given us this year. While the Bull Red fishing has been a bust, we have been able to catch a number of fun sized Sharks over the past week as well as plenty of miscellaneous fish on ultra-light sponge-bob tackle. I defer back to the lemonade statement. While we did manage a few nice Reds that exceeded the 25lb mark a couple of weeks back, these fish just haven’t moved inshore into some of the areas that we would normally see them at this time of year.  They just seem to be staying out of arms reach a few miles off the beach. If it wasn’t so windy day in day out, we could have an opportunity at em,  but the risk (seasickness and roughness) aint worth the reward. Lots of rain here over the past 24hrs and extreme wind over the next couple of days gives way to what looks like a beautiful weather forecast. Warming temps and light wind are called for thru next weekend and beyond so I’m optimistic that the fishing action is gonna get better. Could Winter finally be coming to an end? Not gonna bet on it, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wed April 11th

This past week had some great highlights including the Yankees being swept by my Orioles as well as a great Masters tournament that saw Rickie place 2nd, a single stroke away from his 1rst major. As far as fishing highlights, ,, not so much. Basically we were on the water everyday over the past week and a half with just a few small Sharks and a couple of big Reds being brought to the boat. Hundreds of Whitening and dozens of different Rays occupied our time and luckily most trips involved young jr. anglers on Spring break from points north who were just happy to escape their cold weather back home and bend the ultra-lite rods on anything.  The coolest thing about fishing this past week  was the fact that every person on the boat was just really good company and they just enjoyed themselves and each other,and being out on the water.  This tough bite is really no surprise seeing how our water temps are cooler now than the latter part of Februarys water temps. The coldest April water temps and longest Winter season I can remember. With air temps climbing into the 80’s by weeks end, I think the worst is behind us and we should start to see some variety in Shark species as well as an increase in size. Also, I am hopeful that we can still salvage a Spring Bull Redfish bite over the next few weeks before water temps warm to the point that the Reds get elbowed out by all the other warm water species that eventually arrive in our area waters. As far as everyone is concerned, they cant arrive soon enough.

Sunday March 25th

I long for the days of this past February when the days were averaging 80deg or better with record warmth and are water temps rising upwards daily into the mid 60’s. Well, that’s all gone out the window. Freaking cold fronts and weekly nor’easters have left our waters at barely 60deg nearing the end of this month and that does not help the state of our fishing. Instead of baitfish, gamefish arriving early, we seem to be back to square one. There are a few Dogfish(alias gummy sharks) and a few miscellaneous junk fish to pull up just off our beach, but fishing in general is woefully slow. The first influx of Sharks and Bull reds have yet to make their way into our area waters, and while that should happen very soon, it ain’t happening today. There you have it,, the not so good, the bad and the ugly.

Sunday March 25th

It’s cold, windy, rainy, and other than the rain, a carbon copy of what nearly every day has been like this month. I long for the weather we had back in early February when we were experiencing daily records of all time high temps in the 80’s and the water temps were rising nearly a degree a day. Our water temps at the start of the month were nearing the mid 60’s, and the anticipation of early arriving fish and Sharks were just weeks away which is weeks earlier than normal. Well that’s out the window. With water temps barely reaching 60deg, the bite is woefully slow with just a few dogfish(aka gummy sharks) and some miscellaneous junk fish for the taking. There have been very few Trout and small Reds caught in the backwater and the reward for them has hardly been worth the time and effort. Especially compared to the backwater fishery during the Autumn months. With some consistent warm weather, we should see the arrival of some large Bull Reds into our nearshore waters as well as the first few species of Sharks and a few other species. It ain’t gonna be today though, and all we can hope is that it happens sooner than later. Two tears in the bucket,,  #it!