JUNE 23rd

Last week we stayed busy several miles off the beach playing with Blacktip and Lemon Sharks in the 30-60lb range, with most of the activity happening on the surface before our eyes. We also caught a couple of nice Jacks in the 20lb range  that gave us a good challenge. Pretty consistent and fun. This weekend however I just couldn’t track em down and the fishing fell off in comparison to the preceding days. I had young jr. anglers on the boat the last couple of days so we stayed in the backwater out of the wind. Yesterday was great with non-stop action on 20lb Blacktips,Shovelheads, and Lemons. We also caught a 80lb Blacktip toward the end of the trip. Today was the opposite. Couldn’t get it going and moved several times and was lucky to get a nice Blacktip and a few SandSharks in the last hour. I heard that the bite off the beach was awful as well so I don’t know what to expect the rest of the week. Plenty of bait in our area today so who knows what the deal is. Tough mornings the next couple of days with low tide coming at around 10am. Is what it is. The afternoon trips though, offer up the possibility of some good inshore high tide action if the wind doesn’t interfere negatively.  Or, conditions could be perfect and we still have a lousy outing as far as the bite is concerned.  A there you have it.  Next report by weekends end.

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