Monday June 12th

Took the day off. It was awesome! The previous 6 days were a mixed bag of small fish a some very large ones. Went to a nearshore reef a couple of times and had a great bite on some Spanish Mackerel while seeing a few King Mackerel that didn’t take our bait. Went back the following day only to greeted by a dead sea with little or no signs of life. Lots of Shark fishing as well with a couple of trips providing us with non-stop action on Blacktips and Spinners approaching or exceeding the 100lb mark. When those Shrimp boats are working our waters, the action is almost guaranteed. Yesterday was terrible with windy conditions and murky water that only allowed us to catch a handful of small Sharks in the 20lb range. I heard that conditions improved today and that there were several Kings caught as well as some fun sized Sharks. Looking ahead the next few days, I’m optimistic for some good action and quality. I’m pretty much booked up and will have this weeks report sometime this weekend. Many of us in the local fishing community lost a wonderful soul this week. Kit Wannamaker, who with her husband Frank, embodied the true spirit of fishing, passed away. She believed in strict conservation, and always shared with others her keen observations of ones surroundings and how it related to the health of our fisheries here in the low country. I would run into her and Frank on the docks at Palmetto Bay every Spring when they returned home from wintering in the Keys, and while they shared stories of world-class fishing, they were always happy to get back home to what can only be described in comparison as our little mud hole. But it is our little mud hole and she was the queen of it and will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

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