This past week showed promising signs of what’s ahead in the coming month, at least until yesterdays fishing debacle. Earlier days in the week provided us with catches of multiple Bull Redfish, plenty of medium size Sharks, and also several 40+lb Blacktip Sharks. Best of all, each trip we managed to net some live bait, which certainly helps the cause. As a matter of fact, after rounding the southern corner of the island yesterday, we encountered acers of baitfish that stretched for nearly a mile. With expectations high, we proceeded to just stink the place up. Could not get a bite to save our lives, and the afternoon fishing did not get any better. You just never know sometimes. You scratch and pick up just enough bait to fish with and you have the day of the year, then you have all the bait you want and beautiful conditions to work with and cant get a bite no matter where you go and what you do. Fishing can be quite stupefying at times. OH well, its good to finally see large numbers of bait in our area, and with a large food source around, the fishing should only get better and more consistent. Hopefully anyway. That’s why they call it fishing.

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