Saturday July 1st

Enjoying the day off. Gotta love sleeping in from time to time. The last few days showed some signs of normalcy, after a really tough week of wind, extreme tides and very ugly water caused by not only the moon phase but lots of freshwater runoff. Bait fish, which for all intensive purposes is the food that our targeted species eat, has been extremely scarce the past week and we were having to run a couple of miles off our beaches to find it. They are x-tra large bait though, and we have been able to put them to good use the past few days. Big Blacktips and Spinner Sharks showed back up behind the shrimp trawlers doing their best Tarpon impersonation, and we even caught some nice Lemon and Dusky Sharks while sitting in between the sandbars just off the beach. Caught a 30lb Red as well, but pretty much a ‘fluke” this time of year. Weather looks a bit sketchy for the week , but if the rain holds out, I’m optimistic we should remain busy bending the rods and battling some beasts. Hope All have a blessed 4th of July and that everyone takes a moment to think about the men and women and their families whom sacrifice and give of themselves so that we can enjoy this wonderful life and great fishing in this awesome country.

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