Saturday March 26th

Happy Easter weekend everyone. My plan was to splash the boat earlier this week and be fishing this holiday weekend. But with the rainy weather, we decided to hold off till the early part of next week. We sould be fishing by Wed. and hopefully doing some catching as well. Water temps are in the mid 60’s, and there have been some nice Bull Reds caught a few miles off the beach. Some of these fish will be making thier way inshore and we hope to bend the rod with them at the end. Lots of ultra-lite action for small Dogfish,Whiteing,Spots,etc, and possibly some early arriving small Sharks. We would like to see the water temps a few degrees higher, but that is out of our control. Within a few weeks though, there will be alot more variety, size and quantity. Until then we will be thankful for what Mother/Nature allows us. The weather looks fairly nice for the coming week and our inshore waters should be very calm and comfortable. As far as the bite is concerned, I will post an update by next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed and may you and yours have a Blessed holiday.

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