Saturday May14th

Not much fishing went down this past week except for a couple of inshore trips. Not casting for Reds. but just bottom fishing along the banks of the marshes or creek mouths in hope of a few Bull Reds that might be lingering about. Didn’t catch any, but did catch plenty of Sharks. Surprise surprise. Lots of Reefs and Bonnet heads as well as a few Blacktips. The cool thing about both days is that there is plenty of baitfish and they happen to be really enormous in size. This bodes well for the immediate future for when some larger Sharks show up as well as when other species such as Cobia and Jacks get in our area inshore waters. The large Reds may have left the inshore for offshore waters but there should be plenty of action over the coming weeks. Hopefully some ultra-lite action for Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel and others will soon occur. Anyhow that’s my report. Enjoy the week ahead and tight lines.

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