Sunday July 19th

I apologize for not staying up to date , but I have been busy. Anyway, its been a very good couple of weeks. Lots of fun Black tips and Lemon Sharks roaming the surface of our waters just a mile or so off the beach. Plenty of 20-40lbers as well as some twice that lenght and weight. Lots of fun! We have also caught a few nice Jacks while sight casting in the inshore areas and bays. All of these fish have gone over 20lbs and they just burn up the line on the light spinning reels. Really fun when you catch sight of them. You do however need the right wind and tide to maximize your chances. The last couple of days though, the Sharks have been absent and I may go back to the old reliable Shrimp boat tailgating method in order to catch some trophy size teeth. Anyway, between the Sharks and Jacks, we ought to stay productive this coming week, barring any crappy weather interference. Now if only the Tarpon would show themselves on the islands south end.

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