Sunday July 30

It was a really fun last week, for the most part, until the breeze set in on Thursday. The flat ocean canvas allowed us to spend a morning at a nearshore reef and we stayed busy on ultra-lite tackle for Spanish Mackerel that was fast paced and non-stop. We even hooked a couple of Kings that spooled us within 5 seconds of hook-up. Happens when you bring knife to gunfight. We mostly drifted behind the Shrimp trawlers off Dafauskie island with top-water baits the rest of the week and were rewarded with many double hook-ups on Sharks ranging from 50-100lbs. However, we didn’t catch any of the Bigger Beast that weigh nearly 200lbs, and that was a surprise to me because of all the trawlers stirring things up. This coming week offers more of the same, but with the tides on the increase due to the moon phase, timing will be even more important to successful fishing. Have a Happy and Blessed Holiday week.

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