Sunday July 30th

I apologize for the lack of a fishing report the week before. Fishing was very good for Mackerel and Big Sharks. Now for this past weeks report. Fishing was very wet. Canceled more trips than I fished. I don’t like fishing in the rain. Never have, never will. We did however fish due to numerous rain squalls that would spring up randomly. We managed a couple of good trips behind the Shrimp trawler that yielded a couple of Bull Sharks in the 200lb range as well as many Blacktips in the 60-80lb range that did their very best Tarpon impersonation during battle.  We fished the nearshore sheltered sandbars when the weather made it the only viable option and caught a few Lemon,Fine tooth and Bonnethead Sharks that were on average 15-30lbs.  Didn’t try for any Mackerel, but the bite for them had slowed and ocean conditions didn’t really allow us to venture very far. This coming week calls for more sunshine, so probably more fishing and more Sharks as well as a Mackerel or several if conditions favor.  Hopefully by late week, and with early morning tides, we will start to see more schools of Jacks arriving in the area. Seems like they always arrive the first or second week of August. Anyway, will let ya’ll know by next weekends fishing report.

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