Sunday March 25th

It’s cold, windy, rainy, and other than the rain, a carbon copy of what nearly every day has been like this month. I long for the weather we had back in early February when we were experiencing daily records of all time high temps in the 80’s and the water temps were rising nearly a degree a day. Our water temps at the start of the month were nearing the mid 60’s, and the anticipation of early arriving fish and Sharks were just weeks away which is weeks earlier than normal. Well that’s out the window. With water temps barely reaching 60deg, the bite is woefully slow with just a few dogfish(aka gummy sharks) and some miscellaneous junk fish for the taking. There have been very few Trout and small Reds caught in the backwater and the reward for them has hardly been worth the time and effort. Especially compared to the backwater fishery during the Autumn months. With some consistent warm weather, we should see the arrival of some large Bull Reds into our nearshore waters as well as the first few species of Sharks and a few other species. It ain’t gonna be today though, and all we can hope is that it happens sooner than later. Two tears in the bucket,,  #it!

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