Thursday August 29th

A great action filled past 10 days with nice sized Sharks ranging in the 60-200lb+ range have kept us entertained and worn out. Shrimping season is in full swing and with that being said, the Sharks that follow the trawlers around have been extraordinarily hungry and active. Lots of topwater action for Blacktips as well as a few Lemons, and some incredibly large Bull Sharks that basically drag us around after we hook into them. Very consistent action for those with strong arm and back strength. The nearshore reef has been void of topwater action for what seems like forever, so we have been going to where the action is. We did fish a few backwater spots because of wind and weather conditions a couple of days ago and caught a handful of small Redfish and Blackdrum. They were small in size and the pinfish were quite a nuisance. This will change over the coming weeks with cooler water ahead. The inshore fishing will heat up, and within a month or so, the Large Bull Reds will be making an appearance in large numbers. Some of the best fishing the island has to offer is right around the corner, if we can just make it thru hurricane season. Speaking of which, Hurricane Dorian is knocking on our door step, and while we don’t wish our Florida and Georgia coastal neighbors any harm, we hope that our island and coastline remains unaffected and no harm comes our way. Our thoughts are always with the folks who do happen to be in the path of destruction. Hope everyone stays safe and that you experience a tight line or two in the coming weeks.

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