The start of last weeks fishing was like any other week,,,,in July.  Lots of Sharks and little or nothing else. I was worried about the bite because of the extreme tide levels that we were dealing with. The action was pretty good however, just very one dimensional.  The two trips toward the end of the week were great. We boated 8 Big Reds over 25lbs and we manged to catch a couple of Blacktip Sharks that were nearly 100lbs. Both times the Sharks took us down to the last 30 or 40 yards of line left on the spinning reel and it really was dumb luck that we had happy endings in each of those battles. Along our coast mid week we also experience an up-welling event that brings in cooler waters and I believe that our water temps dropping several degrees might of had something to do with the change in our fortune. Or Not. I have over-thought fishing theories before. Anyway, this week looks to be nice except for some wind that may cause us to find some calmer more sheltered holes. Most of those spots I fish anyway and I hope that they will be providing us with some fun action. I will let you know next weekend

MIGHTY MAKO Report For April 20th

Only had a couple of trips this past week and we managed to round up 6 nice Bull Reds on one trip with all of the fish going over 20lbs or better. The other trip we searched everywhere for a bite before settling in to catch a few Sharks. From one extreme to the next. The PGA circus was in town and since the weather and moon phase were not to my liking, I decided to pull the boat out of the water and take a few days off and enjoy some golf and catching up with old friends. Had a lot of fun, but it might be a few days before I make a full recovery. Glad the tournament comes but once a year. Congratulations to Jim Furyk and his caddie Fluff on their win.  It also might be a few days before the fish make a recovery from all the freshwater run-off and extreme full moon tides we experienced this weekend. By midweek, things should be somewhat normal and the bite may improve with warming water temps and more bait fish in our area. Keep hope alive and your fingers crossed and I will have this coming weeks fishing recap for you by next weekend. Have a Blessed day!

April 12 MightyMako fishing report

While we didn’t set the inshore waters ablaze with any records for size and quantity, we did manage to stay busy for much of this past week. We fished every day and caught several nice Bull Reds each trip through the first part of the week as well as a good number of fun sized Sharks and other miscellaneous species on super ultra-lite tackle. The Redfish bite slowed down by the end of the week and we were left to play with Sharks, Blues,Whiteing,rays,etc. All things considered, we fared better than most and managed to put a lot of smiles on customers faces. The early part of this coming week looks to be ok for wetting a line as far as tides go, but by late week we will be experiencing some of the highest water levels of the year and while its pretty to look at, it can negatively impact the fishing.  I don’t like to fish in rainy weather, so we may be having to adjust our cast off times depending on what mother-nature has to offer this coming week as well. With warmer water temps around the corner, we should see some bait fish start to creep into the area which  brings in more of a variety of gamefish and larger predators. Its been a long winter, but it appears to be finally over and with water temps slowly warming, the fishing will be heating up as well.  Check out our Facebook link for highlights of this past week. Will have another report by next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

April 12th We spent a lot of time on the water this past week, and while we caught some nice fish and saw plenty of action, things slowed down toward the weekend. Earlier in the week we were rewarded with a few nice Bull Redfish each trip as well as some fun sized Sharks. By midweek we were still picking away at the Reds as well as some Sharks, but the Reds dissapeared by the weekend and we were left to play with Sharks and some miscellaneous species. Oh well, the weather was awesome and considering our water temps, I have no complaints. With water temps slowely climbing, we can expect to see baitfish start to come in as well as a few more larger species that will be on their heels. The tides for next week are gonna be pretty to look at, but by next weekend they will be some of the highest levels of the year and it will not help the fishing cause. Hopefully we can get a few licks in before next weekend. The weather looks dicey for the early part of the week and hopefully we can squeeze a few trips in between storms. (I dont fish in thunderstorms) Anyway, there is your report for this past week. Feel free to check out our facebook page for some of the highlights and to give us a call if your interested in wetting a line.