Sunday October 26th

This past week of fishing was a bit of a letdown. While most outings provided a few nice Reds to battle, the numbers just were not what we would normally expect. Catching 3 or 4 is always better than none, but not as good as catching in the double digits, which in all honesty, should of happened on every trip. We had great tides and weather to work with, but could not hook up the large numbers that we usually do during peak Bull Redfish season. We also found live bait each day and the baits were impressive, so my expectations of non-stop action and large numbers was pretty high.  To my surprise, there are still a fair amount of Sharks around, and we probably caught as many of them this past week as we did the Bulls. Oh well, it is what it is.  The next few days look to be a washout with rain, high winds and extreme lunar tides. By end of the week we hope to get back on the water and maybe fish thru next weekend. I hope to have a report next week.

Sunday October 18th

This past week saw a lot of action as well as a couple of let downs. Winds during the afternoons  kept us from fishing some of the better Bull Reds areas. We pretty much stunk the joint up on a couple of those outings. Mornings however kept us busy with a wide variety of Sharks and of course Redfish. Despite the wind, we were able to track fish down and caught loads over the back half of the week. It was beautiful, sunny and hot all week. That has all changed over the weekend. Very windy and temps have dropped 20 degrees. My Mom was visiting this weekend so I didn’t fish anyway, but I’m inclined to take a couple of more days off so that the air temps can warm back up and the wind can hopefully lay down some. By mid week, conditions look ideal. Espeacially for the Reds. With water temps backing down into the 60’s, we might have seen the last of the Sharks. Bittersweet.   Next report-next weekend.  l

Wednesday October 7th

The past week was all about getting some surfing done. I surfed 6 out of the last 8 days and 6 of those days were just about as good as it gets.  I bet its been 10 years since I’ve surfed those caliber waves for consecutive days on this island. Once in a decade type event. Kind of bummed that the swell has ended and I had to go back to work. Work aint all that bad though when the bite is like it was today.  Double digits on the Bull Reds with the weight averaging 20lbs or better. The best news,,, there are weeks of this to come.  Even with the torrential freshwater run-off from the floods, the fish didn’t seem to mind, and with the weather cooperating for the near future, work is gonna be fun.  Will be on the water thru the weekend and will have an update then.

October 1st

Looks to be some fun surf and crappy weather over the coming weekend. Kind of how its been this week. Took a stay-cation this week that may last into early next week, depending on the weather. Some Bull Reds were caught this week at a near-shore structure as well as a couple of inshore spots. Their here, we just need the weather and tides to cooperate.  Look forward to wetting a line whenever, and will update then.