This past week showed promising signs of what’s ahead in the coming month, at least until yesterdays fishing debacle. Earlier days in the week provided us with catches of multiple Bull Redfish, plenty of medium size Sharks, and also several 40+lb Blacktip Sharks. Best of all, each trip we managed to net some live bait, which certainly helps the cause. As a matter of fact, after rounding the southern corner of the island yesterday, we encountered acers of baitfish that stretched for nearly a mile. With expectations high, we proceeded to just stink the place up. Could not get a bite to save our lives, and the afternoon fishing did not get any better. You just never know sometimes. You scratch and pick up just enough bait to fish with and you have the day of the year, then you have all the bait you want and beautiful conditions to work with and cant get a bite no matter where you go and what you do. Fishing can be quite stupefying at times. OH well, its good to finally see large numbers of bait in our area, and with a large food source around, the fishing should only get better and more consistent. Hopefully anyway. That’s why they call it fishing.

Saturday April 23rd

This past week offered beautiful weather and calm seas in which to go to work on. And work it was. We spent a couple of days in the backwaters with some young anglers and we did pretty good with plenty of small Sharks, a few blues and even a couple of small Reds. Lots of action on some very light spin tackle. Steady action and lots of smiles. I just wish I had stayed backwater the entire week, instead of going off the beach in pursuit of Bull Reds that just were not around. Never saw any baitfish, nor any birds or any sign of life that would indicate the presence of these fish. We fished several spots that often hold these fish but never took a shot. Nor did most of the guides on the water this week which made me feel a bit better about the situation. It sucks to watch and hear about other boats pulling in fish while you and your clients get doughnuts and make excuses. At least I wasn’t alone in my non-catching misery. But on a more positive note, the weather forecast looks awesome for the coming week. Calm winds and warm air temps for the entire week ahead are just what we need in order to kick start the fishing back up. And with warming water temps, I’m thinking the fishing should just start to improve with each warm weather day that goes by. Cautiously optimistic and ready for fishing redemption. I’ll let you know how it works out next week.

Sunday April 17th

I got nothing. No report anyway. Winds nearly everyday that have approached or surpassed gale warnings over most of the last couple of weeks have brought the fishing to a standstill. Just crazy. While winds increased over that period, water temps have decreased, from nearly 70deg several weeks ago, down to the mid to low 60’s. Just when we were starting to catch a variety of Sharks and Bull Reds, mother/nature set us back several weeks. While I’m pretty sure there are still some Reds and Sharks in the area, I don’t think that the fishing will be nearly as good as it should be for this time of the year. I will be fishing this week, weather permitting, and I will have a full report next weekend. On a good not, the Baltimore Orioles are off to a great start thru their 1rst 10 games and are leading their division. Chase Elliot finished 4th at the Bristol race, as well as 5th last weekend, and is for now, securely in the chase and getting better each race. Also, the PGA Heritage tournament was graced with beautiful sunny skies this weekend and the turnout was amazing. I spent yesterday in Harbor Town, as well as last night, and I’m in recovery mode today. I just don’t bounce back like I used to. Till next week,, Tight Lines!

Friday April 8th

The 2016 fishing season began this past week for me and we fished several days until the wind wouldn’t allow us to fish further into the week. The 1st and 2nd trips of the year were respectable with several nice size Bull Reds as well as several different species of Sharks. The 3rd trip we were restricted to just trying to stay dry and avoid rough seas. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. With water temps still in the mid 60’s and baitfish scarce, I wasn’t to optimistic, but was happy about the overall bite and different species we caught. The last few days have brought enormous tides and small craft wind advisories, but things will be settling down over the weekend and I’m optimistic about the coming week. It really should just get better as the weeks come and go with more baitfish in our area, more species to target and warmer water temps. While we are off to a good start, I’m looking forward to even better action in the near future.

Saturday April 2nd

I have put it off as long as I can. It’s time to go fishing. With the rain and wind behind us, and clear weather for most of the coming week, I will be casting off the dock lines and trying our luck. And luck we may need. With water temps hovering in the mid 60’s, the bite remains pretty slow with very slim pickings on any gamefish. I’ve talked with many of my peers and the story seems to be the same from each Captain. Kind of slow. Sure, there have been a ‘few’ Bull Reds from time to time and a “few’ small Sharks caught here and there, but overall, not very consistent or inspiring. Just a few degrees more for water temps would really help the cause. With warmer water you get more baitfish, hence, more food, which attracts more fish into the inshore and nearshore areas. Dogfish, small bonnethead and bull sharks, as well as some large Reds will be the targeted species over the next couple of weeks and the fishing should improve with each passing day. Lots of little miscellaneous stuff to catch on the ultra-lites such as whiting,trout,blues, etc, while waiting for the larger variety of fish to take the larger baits that we have out. Oh well, Mother-Nature has her own time table and we will just have to accept what she gives us. Like my wife says, a slow day of fishing is still better than a poke in the eye. At least that’s what I tell myself. Have a Blessed day everyone and tight lines.