Saturday July 30th

This past week offered up some more fun top-water Shark fishing along with some really hot air temps. The heat though, has not kept the Sharks from chilling out. Lots of action and some really cool “air jaws” moments. We also caught several large Jacks that happened to swim across our path. While the fishing these days offer little variety, what we have experienced is plenty of action and many double hook-ups. I expect the next few weeks will be more of the same, although I’m hopeful that we may see a Tarpon or two during these dog days of summer. With water temps being at an all-time high and a large amount of baitfish in our area, it wouldn’t surprise me. Tight Lines everyone. P.S If your interested in a charter, feel free to call or text me at your convenience. Don’t e-mail me. I just don’t have the time to check my mail during this time of year. Stay cool and stay hydrated.

Monday July 25th

After being out of the water for the last couple of days due to mechanical woes, the boat is back and ready to get to fishing again. Last week started off great by picking up where we started the week before. Lots of fun top water action for good sized Sharks and the occasional Jack caught while sight casting. However, by Thursday, the bite had slowed and Friday was very slow and disappointing. It actually worked out good that the boat became ill and I didn’t have to suffer thru a tough weekend of fishing. Things are looking better for this week, and the moon and tide phases are in our favor. Hopefully we keep the anglers busy and entertained while also keeping everyone comfortable in this oppressive heat. It is Summer after all. Tight Lines and stay hydrated.

Sunday July 17th

It was a very good past week of fishing for us. While we did come across many schools of Jacks, and were able to pick off a couple of nice ones, 95% of our fishing endeavors were focused on Sharks. Sharks are always the best option for staying busy and keeping rods bent. Weather drifting behind shrimp trawlers or drifting in schools of bait, we were very successful with many double headers and many 100lb+ fish. Best of all, nearly all the action is top water and in your face. I think this coming week, as well as the weeks to come, will be more of the same, unless by some miracle a King Mackerel or Tarpon invasion occurs. Oh well. Top water action and light tackle for large Sharks is still better than a poke in the eye.

Saturday July 9th

A fair number of fun trips behind the shrimp trawlers made for some great Shark action and lots of sore arms this past week. This was the preferred method of fishing simply because it has been the most consistent, if not the only game in town. Very slow bite inshore and even nearshore areas with the exception of some nice Jacks being caught while sight fishing in parts of the inter-coastal waterway. A couple of shrimpers hooked my clients up with some jumbo shrimp after we would come along side and thank them while also checking out their scene. I fished a couple of trips on anchor, and it was woefully slow and frustrating as it was for everybody. We did run across some schools of Jacks and caught a couple using light spin tackle. Both over 25lbs and great fighters. I just don’t really like to spend lots of time trying to track them down when the shrimp boats are within sight. Oh, BTW, it stinkin hot down here, so drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Hopefully I will have a personal Tarpon encounter story to share with you soon. Tight Lines!

Saturday July 2nd

Sorry about no report last week. I’ve been busier than a retail sales associate on Black Friday. Not much has changed over the last couple of weeks. There has been a few King Mackerel caught in the Savannah ship channel about 4 miles off the beach, as well as some Spanish Mackerel about 5 miles off the beach at an artificial reef. I never gave them a go though, because its shrimping season. And where there are shrimp trawlers, there are plenty of fun sized Sharks ranging from 4-6ft and 50-200lbs. Lots of fun top water aerial action followed by blistering runs. Pretty consistent and lots of fun. Make no mistake, this trip isn’t for young children and I’ve run out of Band-Aids, so don’t be thumbing the reel when you get a hook up. We caught a couple of nice Jacks a few days ago and we will start spending some more time looking for schools of these challenging fish now that they are appearing in good numbers. I believe that this will be the norm for the coming month. If I could ask for just one thing, well maybe two, it would be that the schools of Spanish make it in a little closer to the beach, and that some Tarpon would appear on the south end of the island. In my opinion, that’s not a lot to ask for. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday. Try to remember how appreciative we all should be to be living, working, and playing in such a beautiful area. Despite what some Asshole says about making America great again, know that it has always been and still remains the greatest. Tight Lines!