Saturday Sept. 17th

The week got off to a great start with plenty of surface action. The early part of the week saw plenty of Blacktips, Spinner and Lemon Sharks eating and skying our top water baits. Even when we were out of range of the shrimp trawlers, there were such an abundance of bait that it was a sure thing when our baits hit the water. For two days, the area where we fished was just teaming with life, and was certainly not an area that you would want to take a quick dip in order to cool off. We didn’t break away to go look for Bull Reds, but with our water temps slowly moving down towards the upper 70’s, and a huge influx of large Mullet seemingly everywhere, it wont be long. By midweek, weather history was made with the 1rst named tropical storm to ever form over land. Kind of cool, except if your trying to fish. The seas calmed down somewhat yesterday, but we decided it was better to error on the side of caution and just stay tied to the dock. I managed to catch a few waves and hit the golf ball around the last couple of days. I don’t have a single trip scheduled for next week so give me a call so that I can support my lovely wife and her cats in a manner that they are accustomed to. Have a nice day!

Thursday September 8th

The past 2 weeks I spent more time surfing and working on my golf game than I spent actively fishing. My golf game still needs lots of work. Anyway, earlier this week the weather and seas turned more favorable and we managed to get out a couple of days. While we were able to get bait, the water was still somewhat dirty, the ocean a bit rough, and the bite was not that good. The shrimp boats that we like to follow around were not working so we had to drift over areas that we usually stay somewhat busy in. A few nice lemon Sharks and a couple of Duskys that were no more than 30lbs were are only shots. We stayed inshore 1 day and managed some nice Bonnet head Sharks as well as a few more Dusky Sharks weighing in at about 25lbs. Not quite the size and fast paced action that we had been experiencing over the past month, but we managed to stay comfortable and get some action. I’ve had some folks ask about the Bull Reds arrival into our area waters and I tell everyone that by the end of this month, they should be showing up in good numbers. Till then we will hope to see the shrimpers back in action and will pay close attention to the nearshore sandbars for any early arriving Redfish as well as schools of Tarpon that are active this time of year. Thanks for checking me out and have a blessed day.