Tuesday October 18

The past week was spent cleaning out our house and yard as well as lending a hand to our neighbors and friends whom hurricane Mathew did a number on. While the island community has come together to help those severely affected by the storm, there is still so much to do and many people will be permanently affected in many ways. The docks at Palmetto Bay Marina which had been my home away from home for more than 2 decades no longer exist, and the future is uncertain. Harbor Masters Jason Wheeler and Nate Jones of Shelter Cove and Broad Creek Marina have been so kind and gracious over the past couple of weeks and have helped many boaters and fisherman find safe harbor and slips before and after the storm. I cant thank them enough, and they are indicative of the types of folks that you want to be associated with and call your friend. I’m very blessed that our house was spared and that damage to our yard and vehicles was minimal. Others weren’t so fortunate. The boat is in the water and I will be fishing for another couple of weeks but will most likely end the season after the Bull Reds leave which is usually around early November. Feel free to give me a call and I will give you the latest fishing update. If I’m not fishing, I will be happy to refer you to one of several great guides whom I have much respect for and who are good company to wet a line with. As far as the 2017 season goes, only time will tell.

October 18th

Haven’t fished in the last couple of weeks due to the fact that my marina essentially doesn’t exist any more. The docks that have been my 2nd home for the last couple of decades succumbed to hurricane Mathews wrath, and most of my time has been spent working in my yard, my neighbors yards and on a nearby private island helping with recovery and clean up. I am temporarily at Broad Creek marina and will be docked there for the remainder of the season. I’m sure the Bull Reds will continue to co-operate well into November and after wards, the focus will be on the backwaters for Trout, Smaller Reds and Flounder. Many Thanks to Shelter Cove Harbor Master Jason Wheeler for keeping my boat safe and afloat during the storm, as well as Broad Creek Harbor Master Nate Jones, for saving a space at his marina for my boats winter storage. I’m forever grateful. Don’t know what the future holds as far as plans for next years fishing season and beyond, but I will keep ya’ll posted.

Tuesday October 4th

I hope this doesn’t become the last report for the season, but with a category 4 heading this way, you never know. If it is, I will say we had a pretty good trip to end the season. Despite small craft advisory, we were able to find some calm water and catch some nice Bull Reds as well as a few Sharks. Even though its October, our water temps are still in the 80’s and the Sharks aint in a hurry to vacate the area. In all my years, I have never seen water temps near this warm. While we normally are red fishing exclusively by now, it has been 50/50 between the Sharks and Reds. We should see an increase in the Redfish bite with a decrease in water temps over the coming weeks. The Shrimp trawlers are still hard at work and if Big Sharks are your thing, then that bite will remain good for a while longer. I haven’t fished the ultra-lite backwater tackle for Trout and Reds yet, but come November, I will most likely fish the backwater exclusively. Wont be on the water for a few days, but with a little luck, we will be wetting lines the 1rst of next week. Anyway, the weather is out of our hands and we will hope for the best. Stay safe everyone.