May 26

The past 4 days have been filled with much rainfall, high winds and exaggerated tides. It was a good time to just stay parked at the dock. The prior 4 days though saw a couple of fishing moments reminiscent of decades past. On two occasions we came upon a scene right out of the Hitchcock movie, “The Birds”.  There was plenty of ultra-lite casting action to be had for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish unlike I’ve seen in some time. Years ago, we used to see that kind of scene more often than not, so it was cool to have such conditions on back to back days. The rest of the time was spent playing with Sharks. Other than a couple of small Blacktips, it was entirely about the Reef Sharks and nothing else. I’m thinking that with the improving tides and weather, we will venture to some areas that might offer more variety, a better challenge and larger reward. I guess that will depend on my clients needs and expectations. Anyway that’s the report and the next one will be around the 1st of June. Have a Blessed holiday weekend and please take a few moments to pause and appreciate the sacrifices that our service men and women, as well as their families have made over the years.

Monday May 15

The glass was half full. That’s how my client described their trip a couple of days ago and that pretty much sums up this past week of fishing. Or should I say Sharking. We stayed fairly busy bending poles, but nearly every Shark was identical to the one before that and the one before that,etc.,etc, you get the point. Weather did not allow me to try a couple of other spots, but from what I was told, it was mostly the same everywhere I usually fish. Hopefully we will see some variety in Shark species soon. I caught several nice Blacktips the week before as well as couple of Bull Reds approaching the 30lb range. Oh well,, it is what it is. With a little luck, next weeks report might be that our glass was filled to the brim and running over.