August 25th

I know its been a few weeks since my last report, so here is a brief summery. Lots of Rain. When not raining, lots of heat. Lots of Big Bull Sharks that make you think twice before going for a sunset surf or swim. A staggering amount of Big Blacktips that do their very best Tarpon impersonation. Some very extreme tides and a very lame lunar eclipse event. Several days of horrible fishing that coincided with some extreme tide and moon events.  That about covers it. The Spanish Mackerel bite that was so good for most of the summer just seemed to fizzle out the last few weeks, and the Jacks that we usually see come early August, just never really showed up in any good numbers. Looks like Sharking will be the game being played for the next several weeks until water temps go down and we start the Running of the Bulls. Bull Reds that is. Water temps play a big part and usually by late September, we start to see them in good numbers. By October,, forget about it. Game on!  Anyway, with summer winding down and most schools back in session, I will have time and energy to get back to the report and forecast.     After being personally affected in many ways by last years hurricane Mathew, My thoughts and best wishes are with the coastal inhabitants along the Texas coast. Hopefully everyone stays safe.  Have a Blessed weekend and will update things by next weekend

Saturday Aug 6

Just another week of fishing in a big muddy puddle filled with Sharks. On top of that, the weather has pretty much soaked us down every day at some point. I’m over all the rain. Even my yard and foliage have had enough. But wait,, here comes some more by early week. I honestly can say that I cant remember a wetter summer than this. And yes, it can adversely affect the fishing due to fresh water run off. The Shrimpers aren’t out because of the lack of shrimp, and in turn, its hard to locate the larger Sharks that we hook up behind the trawlers. While we have caught a fair amount of Sharks this past week, most are less than 40lbs and with many being half that size. The Mackerel bite that we enjoyed has also dwindled, even though we haven’t been able to get off the beach due to stormy conditions, I’ve heard the larger boats have been striking out. I’m hopeful to see some more Mackerel in our nearshore areas as well as some Jacks that normally show up in our waters at about this time every Summer. This remains to be seen. Until then, looks like Sharking will be the mainstay, and it beats not catching anything at all. Now if only it will stop raining.  Oh well, time will tell.